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AOL mail not working on iPhone 10 | AOL Account error on iphone

AOL primarily abbreviated as American Online is such an email application that is able to create a win-win situation in the market with the features it contains. On the contrary, many of the AOL users face issues at times they synchronize the necessary email messages from the AOL server.

Such synchronization becomes hectic for them as they are not able to access the data they need. One of the most prominent reasons for such improper synchronization is the violation of privacy policies and other disclaimers listed in the terms and conditions of AOL’s license agreement.

If you are using an iPhone (most probably its seventh generation), there are chances that third party applications like Outlook and Yahoo mail decelerate such synchronization.

Likewise, the associated alerts of those third-party apps lead to AOL mail not receiving emails properly. Here, we will be discussing the solutions that can fix issues related to your AOL mailboxes. But before we proceed further, let’s dig a deep down to the easy peasy instructions that can take care of resetting the password of your individual AOL accounts: -

Resetting the password of your AOL mail applications in Los Angeles

With the steps mentioned below, one can hassle-free change the password of their AOL accounts. Furthermore, the process to reset the password is much safer and secure even if you are using AOL email either on your Android phones, iPhones or any other workstations. Now read these steps carefully and implement them with iPhone7 (if you have one): -
Switch on your iPhone7 and open the AOL email on it. Make sure that your device is connected with the internet and any other third-party emails (like Outlook, Yahoo mail etc) are not running in the background.
After this, click the Sign-in option. This will direct you to the step where you may enter your email address and password when you have created your account on the AOL server. In case you don’t remember the password, then you must click on the Change Password option.
Now the AOL mail will ask for your mobile number. Enter the same so that you can get the verification code and create a new password. As soon as you hit the get my code box, a verification code will be sent to your iPhone 10.
Restart your AOL mail now and login to your account with the password you have created.

The above steps can surely give an answer to the How to reset the AOL password on iPhone 10 question. If still you are facing issues, do contact our customer support team on +1-800-933-9318 working at Illinois (Schaumburg), Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Aurora, and New York.

Easy peasy instructions for handling the problems while using AOL

At times your AOL mail is not working, all you can do is follow the mentioned-below solutions so that it will be much easier for you to use your AOL applications on various other platforms: --

Adjust the spam settings of your AOL accounts in such a manner that it automatically switches off the filtering option so that any other malicious messages can’t access the device’s information.

  Double-check if or not the IMAP and POP settings of your are set to default. If the settings are incorrect, do configure it with the correct parameters so that you send and receive various customized emails from your AOL app.

With the points mentioned above, I personally feel that I have answered to question of how do I fix an AOL email problem? In case you are curious to know more about them, do pick your dialers us and call our customer service specialists on +1-800-933-9318 located at Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Aurora, and New York.-

AOL Customer Service Support


AOL email applications may stop working at times you are in a dire need of sending your personal information via emails to your important clients. Besides, discussed above are some of the solutions that can definitely fix all the bugs hindering the efficient working of your AOL account. To know more about AOL applications don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service via helpline number listed at our web-portals.

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